Island Market Trends: January 2019

Paint the streets Living Coral, 2019 is here and so are these fresh trends.

Island Market Trends

A breath of fresh air, the new year is here! These first weeks have definitely brought a high tide of optimism to the island. There is a feeling of hope, strength, and national pride in unison with the arrival of the musical “Hamilton” to Puerto Rico.

As the longest holiday season comes to an end, people hit the ground running. Seems to me like a promising time to continue to recover and thrive.

So fellow islander, whether you are home or abroad, keep growing and enjoy this new period of goal-setting. Here are our top trends for January.

1. I live where you vacation

Now open for business, and vacation! The New York Times sets Puerto Rico at the number one spot of “52 places to go” in 2019. The main reason being conscious travel, visiting a place where you can find authentic experiences. This dream trip comes with a personal reward like no other, get lost in paradise through ecotourism and volunteering.

2. “A little party never killed nobody”

Local businesses in Old San Juan prepare for their biggest event of the year. With San Sebastián Street Festival happening Jan 16-20, business owners prepare by hiring more personal and preparing to receive a high volume of people these dates.

3. We all grow under the same sun

With migration doubling from the island to the States since 2017, stores and local brands have turned to overseas shipping for an SOS. They can no longer rely on local customers and tourists to reach sales goals. Boricuas living elsewhere have grown an undeniable willpower to support local.

4. Local superheroes fighting violence

There is a security crisis” reports the local newspaper, after a shooting in broad daylight and gang-war threats surfaced. Local leaders like Residente, Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee and more are taking a stance for peace through social media.


5. Summer body 2019 starts now   

Detox, Keto, Dry January, it’s time to get on the fitness mindset. Take advantage of the post-holiday energy boost to kick of a summer body goal. Following this trend our next event, Jump Start 2019, will be a collab for the fitness experts and the fit curious.

6. No Man’s land

When it comes to travel more of us are seeking less-crowded spots. That “pura vida” experience, remote BnBs, low-key restaurants off the beaten path, and breath taking views worth every pothole along the way. Checkout the journey of these local content creators for inspiration: Harold Camilo, Robin Rivera and Barbie Brignoni.

7. Side Hustle

The keyword here is “diversify.” Turning your passions into dollar bills for some extra savings. Find a fun side hustle, whether it’s online tutoring, making a DIY product, or distributing homemade candles. Like our brand values say, “passion fuels purpose.”

8. Micro-Brand Domination

Following that same theory is what has driven us into the new microbrand era. More people today base their purchasing decisions on brand values and shared ideology. An economy led by creative concept and what Forbes calls a “democratic-fueled, bottom up toppling wantrepreneurship.”

9. Social e-commerce

No need to visit the store site, operation social integration is here. Social platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook have beautifully integrated the shopping experience to the mix. Adding features that lead to an easy buy while you’re scrolling through your feed.

10. Living Coral

Talk about refreshing, the color of the year is Living Coral. In design this represents innovation, youthfulness, energy and confidence with a touch of femininity and sweetness.

Island Collab trends 2019

Each month we’ll be posting our island market trends to look out for. Get on board and get those creative juices flowing.

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— Steve Jobs