Take a Shot or Lose the Chance

A magical collab between two side-hustling creatives, photographer @eliergmz and me.


The small-town effect in Puerto Rico is definitely a thing. Speacially when we’re connected to each other all the time through IG Stories, multiple WhatsApp groups and even the occasional FB message.

What started as a friend-of-a-friend story, ended up as a collab after a casual DM convo. I must say after seeing the Netflix series “You” I was a bit hesitant. But there was something about getting together after work to make content for the sake of artistic expression I just couldn’t resist.

Lately I’ve been having a slight internal conflict with my Art Director self. You see, I graduated from portfolio school at Miami Ad School two years ago. Back then we’d get paired into teams of aspiring Art Director/Photographer or Art Director/Copywriter. Our instructors would give us the coolest briefs you could think of. Pure magic!

Fast-forward two years later, and as a media unicorn you are bound by a countless number of limitations. I.e. budget, personnel, budget, unrealistic timelines, and did I mention budget?

This year, I’m determined to learn and grow. Back to basics, making my portfolio proud of sharing once more alongside local creative hustler. The more you make the more you learn.


E: “I truly love trees, I find them beautiful. Let’s start here (the patio) and we’ll work our way outdoors” 

Y: “I brought this shirt that would make a great photo for Valentine’s Day”

E: “It’s early January,  I like how you’re already thinking ahead”

In a few sentences that’s the essence of this story, a trend-ready media unicorn and a tree-hugging self-taught photographer. I could not believe Elier, when he told me he’d only been taking and editing photos for a year. He’d learn everything you see as a result in these pictures, on his own, implementing what he saw through practice.

Use limitations and self-doubt as a driver.
The trick is not to give up.
— Elier

It’s easy to lose hope when you see so many skilled and talented content creators on IG. You either take a shot or lose the chance, so make the best of it.

When there’s a will there’s always a way. Getting together with Elier that day, building a concept, illustrating a story, it helped me realize you can’t wait for the perfect brief. I’d been missing out for two years. The magic is simply letting your true colors shine, and simply be yourself.

Yeiniz Nevarez